We Lower your Energy Costs without Spending Capital

Neighborhood Energy is a leading competitive energy broker and consultant for small businesses. We offer electricity and natural gas along with solar and renewable energy products. Over 300 corporate clients and thousands of residents rely on Neighborhood Energy for their energy supply and energy reduction initiatives.


Why should you do business with Neighborhood Energy?

  • We deliver the lowest cost solutions.
  • We are a virtual energy purchasing department.
  • We provide personalized and proactive customer service.
  • We give unbiased consultation.
  • We offer energy supply and optimization services under one roof.
  • We distribute custom monthly reports that detail usage by account and rate comparison to utility.
  • We give strategic renewal recommendations that take advantage of market dips.


Convenient one stop shop for your energy supply

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing our clients with the best solution at the best price. We do so because of our low overhead and our large network of suppliers. In addition, our knowledgeable and sincere recommendations along with frequent information updates allow Neighborhood Energy to be your virtual energy purchasing department.