It is already December, and a good time to pause and appreciate our experiences and our friendships. We are fortunate, spoiled and thankful that we live in New England. We can boast about our sea, lakes and mountains, great seafood, temperate summers and what I call the "region of champions" because of our success with professional sports teams.

But we do have challenges, especially with the cost of energy. New England led the contiguous states with an aggregate commercial/industrial rate of $0.1465/kWh in 2017. That includes both supply and distribution. (See the chart below for the regional rankings.) Although it is a dubious distinction, I am thankful that most of you have taken advantage of Neighborhood Energy’s value proposition with cost avoidances well into the eight digits over the last several years. Our math in 2017 shows, on average, a $0.0156/kWh reduction from commercial and industrial rates. This means a net of $0.12326/kWh versus the utilities' average default rate of $0.13856, including both distribution and supply. Our outlook for 2018 shows that we are on track to be even lower.


We are thankful for your trust and for your wonderful referrals. Our wish for you is to enjoy this month's celebration with your family and friends, full of laughter and peace. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Your friendly Neighborhood Energy