The more things change, the more they stay the same

I had the pleasure to attend a presentation held by The New England Business Council that featured Gordon Van Welie, President and CEO of the ISO New England. ISO-NE is the organization that ensures that we always have electricity in New England. The keynote addressed how the energy landscape is shifting from stored fuels, such as coal, oil and nuclear, to ‘just-in-time’ fuels like natural gas and resources that are weather-dependent such as wind and solar. Interestingly, the take-away is that we are trending negatively with fuel security risk. What that means is that we may not have fuel available at critical times to generate electricity.

The grid operator analyzed 23 possible fuel mix combinations and all but four scenarios resulted in load shedding or mandatory brown outs. Click on the link to get the presentation: NEC Energy Forum.

That is scary… The main issue continues to be the constraint of natural gas capacity during the winter months. The concern gets exacerbated because the demand for natural gas in New England continues to increase. The good news is that Neighborhood Energy is your insurance policy that minimizes the risk of exorbitant variable rates, gives budget certainty and in most cases lowers your energy costs without spending any capital.

We appreciate your business and please let us know how we can help other businesses in managing their energy costs.

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