Neighborhood Energy's Remote Work Culture

Neighborhood Energy of New England strives to be the best virtual energy department. We help your organization tackle the challenges of high energy costs without having to invest in headcount and/or capital. Our success as a low-cost leader is a result of our own virtual office and use of technology.  It allows us to be productive and it keeps overhead expense at a minimum. Your feedback and continued customer loyalty are proof points that we must be on to something.

However, maintaining our virtual team has come with its fair share of challenges. Although my office is in New Hampshire, our staff extends from Utah to New York and anywhere in the world - quite literally, with team members having worked from three different continents this year. Skype’s presence, conferencing and calling plans deliver excellent communication at affordable rates. File sharing applications such as Dropbox, Slack and Google Drives give instant access to files no matter the size. Shared applications come into play when team members are a little further away from ‘home’. Buffer harmonizes our social media posts, while shared calendars tells everybody where we are and when. We find that our remote work culture has been a valid solution albeit a different - and some might say ‘modern’ - way of working.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Neighborhood Energy’s success lies in much more than our team just working remotely. Our years of experience in the industry coupled with strong energy supplier relationships and, ultimately, expert understanding of the local energy market are the principal reasons behind our success. That, coupled my mother’s philosophy of ‘making your pennies scream’, is our business formula that results in substantial savings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little outlook into our NENE work routine and more importantly, at the risk of repeating myself, if there’s anything we can do to serve you better please let us know. We’re all ears and we’re always looking to improve.

Your friendly Neighborhood Energy.