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Surviving higher highs - and preventing lower lows

As we all are experiencing this summer, the daily high temperatures seem to creep higher and higher. In the northeast, that often includes oppressive humidity. We spoke last month of the efforts our utilities are taking, working in concert with the keepers of the power grid, to institute “Peak Day Capacity”. We have heard the requests: set your air conditioning to higher temperatures. Run your appliances overnight. What about other efforts to keep us well-lit and cool rather than in a brown-out - or, even worse - a black-out?

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

I had the pleasure to attend a presentation held by The New England Business Council that featured Gordon Van Welie, President and CEO of the ISO New England. ISO-NE is the organization that ensures that we always have electricity in New England. The keynote addressed how the energy landscape is shifting from stored fuels, such as coal, oil and nuclear, to ‘just-in-time’ fuels like natural gas and resources that are weather-dependent such as wind and solar.

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